LABEL LIE: Why your beef may NOT be grass-fed at all

Each time you invest more money to buy healthier beef, there’s a chance that you end up getting less quality than what you paid for.

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Minnesota Lawmakers Ban Formaldehyde in Children’s products but allow the neurotoxic chemical in vaccines and diet soda


In yet another extraordinary exemption for the very vaccine companies that continue to poison our children, the Minnesota legislature has passed a law banning formaldehyde in all children’s products except for pharmaceuticals, vaccines or foods.

For the record, even the CDC admits that vaccines still contain formaldehyde, a highly toxic chemical typically used to “deactivate” the many viruses used in vaccines.

The new law, House Bill 458, is entitled, “Formaldehyde banned in children’s products.” It was signed into law by the Governor of Minnesota on May 13, 2013.

On the surface, it sounds great. Who wouldn’t want formaldehyde banned from children’s products? Formaldehyde, after all, is highly toxic to the nervous system. Protecting children from dangerous chemicals is a noble cause.

But there’s just one problem with this law: it exempts one of the worst sources of formaldehyde exposure in children: VACCINES.

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Do Vaccines Cause Autism



There is systematic suppression in the United States on the truth about the links between vaccines and autism. Drug companies and the federal government have conspired to deny parents of vaccine-damaged children their day in court by creating a kangaroo “vaccine court” that offers no due process whatsoever (and therefore violates the civil liberties of Americans).

Even so, this court has, numerous times, admitted that vaccines have irrefutably damaged children and caused autism.  <>  Parents of those children are offered “hush money” to quietly go away after signing an agreement that mandates they never talk to the press about their ordeal.

This systematic suppression of the truth about vaccine-damaged children is revealed in a must-see new video just released by the Canary Party ( and narrated by actor Rob Schneider, an outspoken advocate of parental rights when it comes to medicine.

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Anything that may make a typical figure unit improve unusually can cause malignancy. Numerous things can cause unit irregularities have been joined to growth advancement. Some malignancy causes remain obscure while different growths might improve from more than one known cause. Some may be developmentally affected by an individual’s hereditary cosmetics. Numerous patients improve disease because of a combo of these variables. In spite of the fact that it is regularly challenging or difficult to figure out the launching event(s) that make a tumor advance in a particular individual, research has given clinicians various likely makes only that or in show with different reasons, are the feasible hopefuls for starting growth. The accompanying is a posting of major reasons and is not comprehensive as particular reasons are routinely included as exploration developments:

Heredity: various particular tumors have been interfaced to human genes and are as takes after: bosom, ovarian,… Continue reading